SLCmixer’s Navajo Tasting with Black Sheep

August 29, 2012

This past weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a tasting for the restaurant in Provo that everyone is talking about, Black Sheep.  This tasting was one I truly wish…


SLCmixer – Uinta Beer and a Utah history lesson

August 6, 2012

by Josh Rosenthal Uinta Brewing co-owner Steve Kuftinec joined us at our space in the Avenues for a history and tasting lesson of their most excellent Crooked Line.  If you’re…


A quick glimpse at One Beautiful Meal

August 1, 2012

As some of you know, about 25 of us gathered around a table at La Nay Ferme on July 30 for an evening we call One Beautiful Meal.  In the…


SLCmixer with Alpha Dominche

July 31, 2012

by Josh Rosenthal We still can’t show you pictures of Alpha Dominche’s Steampunk, but rest assured it’s as brilliant as we’ve hyped it to be.  The group of folks that…


One Beautiful Meal at La Nay Ferme

July 20, 2012

We’re jumping on the bandwagon and doing an event at La Nay Ferme.  We think it’s a beautiful spot and we believe in what Clinton Felsted is trying to do…


SLCmixer with Dolcetti Gelato

July 10, 2012

Last weekend we conquered the summer heat wave with one recipe: gelato.  We teamed up with Dolcetti Gelato for an SLCmixer at their new location in the Avenues.  We each got…


Bar X SLCmixer review

July 3, 2012

We had a great time at our sold-out SLCmixer – Prohibition Mixology w/ Loren Elliott from Bar X.  The photos didn’t turn out great but what do you expect from an SLCmixer in…


Chocolate SLCMixer with Ryan Kendrick from Chocolot

June 22, 2012

Last weekend we teamed up with Ryan Kendrick from Chocolot, to taste chocolate from around the world.  Much like wine tasting, we found that every chocolate expresses distinct flavor and…


Scotch Tasting with Jim Santangelo

June 11, 2012

Big thanks (insert hug here) to Jim Santangelo and Nicholas and Co. for providing us with an exceptionally fun mixer this weekend. We tasted Scotch and took a trip to…


a taste of the Creminelli Salami SLCmixer

June 1, 2012

Cristiano Creminelli, along with his outgoing and passionate personality, joined us as we tasted his line of artisan meats and salami.  How often do you get to sit down for…