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One Beautiful Meal at La Nay Ferme

Reviewed by Becky

We’re jumping on the bandwagon and doing an event at La Nay Ferme.  We think it’s a beautiful spot and we believe in what Clinton Felsted is trying to do down there.

We wanted to celebrate what is happening in Utah somehow and show that while some Utah stereotypes are fair, things are changing around here.  We’ve invited some folks who are really making a difference around here to come sit around a table with us.   Everyone participating the evening could easily be in a larger city crafting their craft, but they’ve chosen Utah.

Viet Pham – Forage chef
Michael Friberg – Editorial Photographer
Pedro Gomez – Producer/Developer/Designer at WeLikeSmall
Seafinch – Musician
Evan Lewandowski – Winemaker/Sommelier
Clinton Felsted – Entrepreneur and owner of La Nay Ferme

We’re opening four spots at this table. Please only sign up if you love Utah and care for it’s trajectory because we’re going to be talking about it (high-fiving about it, raising our glasses to it, etc) with vigor.

Sign up here.
Monday, July 30
La Nay Ferme
6pm – $100
4 spots available

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