Breakfast with a Local

Breakfast with a local: Isabel Mejia at Eggs in the City

July 23, 2012

Who: Isabel Mejia.  Nutrition Coach What she ate:  Huevos Rancheros. (and she ate with excellent portion control I might add) A typical breakfast for you: ‘I change up my breakfast every day so…


Breakfast with a Local: Evan Lewandowski at Pig & A Jelly Jar

June 25, 2012

Who: Evan Lewandowski.  Sommelier for Pago and Wine entrepreneur in Utah What he ate:  Chicken and Waffles from Pig & A Jelly Jar, 7:30am


Breakfast with a Local: Nash Martinez at Cafe Niche

April 3, 2012

SLC always surprises me with its talent.  We have a lot of super gifted people that I’d like to tell you about, if you don’t already know them.   So…