Dinner at Rye

June 30, 2014

After studying the cocktail menu in the waiting area for a few minutes, we’re taken to a bright corner table by the window. The drink selection is unusual, most of…


Oh Mai Vietnamese in Salt Lake City

July 12, 2012

Lucky for me I have many friends who love finding good food in the city. Although I get to be the one who documents the experience, I must give full…


Plum Alley in Salt Lake City

January 9, 2012

We celebrated New Years Eve this year by going to a new restaurant in town, Plum Alley.  We gathered around their communal style table with some of our dearest friends…


Best Thai in Salt Lake City, Chanon Thai Cafe

January 26, 2011

What qualifies as a good Thai restaurant? Besides the food of course, it needs to be a little quirky with random decor, badly translated menus, handwritten signs, and waiters whose…


Ekamai Thai in Salt Lake City

May 22, 2010

After settling back in after a few weeks of crazy traveling around the country, I asked some Twitter friends what I had missed in the food scene of Salt Lake.…


Currently Craving: Fresh Spring Rolls from My Thai

April 27, 2010

My Thai is a relatively new Thai Restaurant on 300 West in Salt Lake. Some coworkers introduced me to My Thai recently and since then I’ve been back just to…


Takashi, Salt Lake City UT

December 10, 2009

After being on our list of places we’d like to go for way too long, we finally went to Takashi, one of Salt Lake City’s best restaurants, in my opinion.…