Plum Alley Asian food in Salt Lake City

Plum Alley in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky
We celebrated New Years Eve this year by going to a new restaurant in town, Plum Alley.  We gathered around their communal style table with some of our dearest friends and toasted 2012 with Prosecco, Asian food, and lots of laughs.

At Plum Alley, its suggested that you dine family style, so we did and we tried much of their mouth-watering menu. There wasn’t an item that we had that we didn’t enjoy, however, there were definitely some dishes that stood out among the rest!
Plum Alley Salt Lake City
The Julienned Green Papaya Salad was lightly dressed but had a great kick of spice and flavor. It was a great compliment to the soups and curries that we also had.
Plum Alley kimchi soup Salt Lake City
Kimchi is one of those ingredients that most people either love or hate.  I really enjoy it so I was glad we tried Plum Alley’s Kimchi Soup. Although the soup wasn’t the most beautiful to photograph, it was my favorite dish of the evening, full of flavor, texture and delicioius ingredients.  I especially liked the crispy rice inside the soup.
Ramen at Plum Alley
Ramen is making a strong comeback in many Asian restaurants and households these days so it wasn’t a surprise to me that they had a house Ramen on their menu.
chicken curry at Plum Alley
Their chicken curry was mild and easy to like.  This would be a dish that I would recommend to even the farest of Asian food enthusiasts.
chicken fried rice at Plum Alley
Dramatic colors jump out the the bowl of this Dirty Chicken Rice dish. I loved trying all of the unknown pickled vegetables on top of this dish.
steamed buns at Plum Alley
Now, here is a dish that really made a stand on our table, Duck Steamed Buns.  We ordered both the pork belly and the duck steamed buns inspired, I’m sure, by David Chang’s Momofuku restaurant in New York.  I figured I would like the pork belly more, because I love the full flavor of pork belly but the dusk surprised me as I savored every bite of this little asian taco. The meat was perfectly paired with citrus and mint leaves for a juicy and crunchy bite.
bok choy at Plum Alley
Another unsuspecting dish, the Bok-Choy, which was perfectly soft and crunchy with tons of juicy flavor.
We had a fabulous evening at Plum Alley and can’t wait to go back.  It’s so great to have a posh little Asian Restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City. Not that I’m at all against your whole-in-the-wall Asian restaurants but its also nice to have such a modern twist on Asian Food. This would also be a fabulous place to dine after or before a movie at the Broadway Theater!  You must go, and when you do, please report back with your favorite dishes!

Plum Alley
111 East 300 South

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  1. I am so excited to try Plum Alley! We were planning on having dinner there on new year's eve as well, but unfortunately it didn't work out. Hopefully we'll make it this weekend! thanks for sharing the items you ordered- definitely trying that kimchi soup!

  2. Oh, I LOVE green papaya salad! It is one of those things I almost always order at a Thai restaurant. That one looks amazing.

  3. What wonderful colors and flavor combinations! Thanks for the review – we'll definitely have to check it out when we're up in Salt Lake! And if you ever happen to be in the Provo area, you should check out reviews on my site —

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