SLCmixer – Uinta Beer and a Utah history lesson

Reviewed by Becky

by Josh Rosenthal

Uinta Brewing co-owner Steve Kuftinec joined us at our space in the Avenues for a history and tasting lesson of their most excellent Crooked Line.  If you’re reading this, most like likely you live in Utah.  And if you live in Utah, surely you understand that the state doesn’t make it easy on the beer industry.  What we most appreciate about Steve and Uinta Brewing is that we didn’t hear him complain about it.  In fact, they’re committed to Utah.  How committed?  In 2013 they’ll celebrate 20 years of brewing here and business is only getting better.

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Unita Brewing Co-Found Steve Kuftinec

A few facts of note from the evening –

  • Uinta Brewing is 35th largest brewery in the country.
  • Uinta’s beers are available in 21 states.
  • Utah’s 3.2% beer is measured in ABW (Alcohol by Weight).  Most of the rest of the country measures it’s beer in ABV (Alcohol by Volume).  If Utah measured it’s beer in ABV instead of ABW, we’d be at 4.0%, meaning that we’re not far off from other states’ percentages.  Though Utah’s ABV is a little lower, Steve said drinking 13.5oz of Utah beer is equivalent to drinking 12oz of other states’ beer.  Does that make sense?
  • Cutthroat Pale Ale has been Uinta’s number one beer for 19 years.  This year it will be dethroned by the great and mighty Hop Notch IPA.
  • Cutthroat Pale Ale is only available in Utah.  Why?  Years ago they gave their place in line for the Cutthroat trademark to Odell Brewing in Ft. Collins in return Uinta asked that they could have the name for Utah.  Odell owns the Cutthroat name for the other 49 states.

Yes, we drank the beer out of wine glasses.  That was Steve’s call.  He says that beers on par with the Crooked Line (22oz carefully crafted beers) must be shared on a special occasion.  It’s important to note that just about  anything is a special occasion.  All of these beers we’re greater than 9% ABW which means to drink them alone…well, don’t drink one alone.  Treat them with the respect they deserve.  SLCfoodie SLCmixer Uinta Beer Tasting-5

We love Utah for several reasons.  One of which is that our local producers are accessible.  The owner of an incredibly successful, fast-growing brewery took the time to tell his story to a room of 15 – 20 people on a Friday night.  Try to get that anywhere else.

See more about Uinta here.

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