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SLCmixer’s Navajo Tasting with Black Sheep

Reviewed by Becky

This past weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a tasting for the restaurant in Provo that everyone is talking about, Black Sheep.  This tasting was one I truly wish everyone reading this could have been at… homemade fry bread, made right in front of us, a three course lunch, and an afternoon of meeting new people and hearing an incredible entrepreneurial story.

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Since there are many out there who didn’t get to come to the tasting and who haven’t yet visited Black Sheep in Provo, let me tell you a little about our afternoon. First we had a Native American version of Shrimp and Grits, with smokey sautéed shrimp served over creamy blue corn polenta.  Our second course, was a a generous plateful of slow cooked pork chile verde served on traditional fry bread and topped with queso menonita, diced tomatoes and cilantro.  And we ended our meal with a red pepper florentine cookie with lime creme friache and fresh berries.  We all wanted to lick our plates… some of us did.

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Bleu Adams – Black Sheep owner

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Bleu’s mom, the fry bread artist.

What’s so incredible about Black Sheep is the story they have to tell.  As we enjoyed every bite, we got to hear how Blue saved up every penny she had to pursue her dream of owning a restaurant.  Then we all stood around her mother as she made her secret fry bread recipe (with flour which they drive over 5 hours to purchase) and she told us some Native American folk lore.. like how the hole in the middle of the fry bread is to let out the spirits. I watched over Blue’s brother’s shoulder as he perfectly cooked the shrimp, and made the most perfect creamy polenta, and I watched as their sous chef created pieces of art with each plate that he prepared.

Black Sheep is telling a story of great passion and care.  I urge you all to go to Provo and see for yourself.

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  1. All I can say is Wow… that all looks amazing! I’ve never thought of going down to Utah Country for great food, but it seems the foodie community in Provo has just exploded in the past 18 months!

    • Sara, it sure has!! There are several restaurants worth going to Provo for. I recommend grabbing a group of friends and caravanning for a long-distance-dinner. My friends and I do this and it makes for a fun evening!

  2. I went to the Black Sheep with a group of people and we all ordered different food and shared and every single bite was amazing. The staff was super nice and helpful explaining new food to us. We hired them to cater an event for us and they were so professional and made the event feel wonderful. I will eat at the Black Sheep whenever I am in Provo.

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