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Reviewed by Becky

We had a great time at our sold-out SLCmixer – Prohibition Mixology w/ Loren Elliott from Bar X.  The photos didn’t turn out great but what do you expect from an SLCmixer in a speakeasy?  Clear photos?  Sorry.  It’s dark back their and very private and that’s the goal.  It was incredible an incredible evening and still worth talking about a week and a half later.
Bar X Speakeasy with Loren Salt Lake SLCmixer
About a week ago a few local producers joined us in our tasting of the French 75, Old Fashioned and the Sidecar. Loren, a bartender at Bar X, expertly led us all through some great history of prohibition all the while mixing 24 cocktails.  We sat around on comfy couches in the Bar X speakeasy as she told us the great lore of Eliot Ness and his war against Al Capone.  Even the enforcers of prohibition had their own stashes of hooch, perhaps including the grossest booze I’ve ever heard of – tub gin.  All in all the evening was incredible.  People tried new drinks, met new people and got exponentially louder as the evening progressed.  We’re not sure why.
Breadsong joined us for the evening.  I knew we need some carbs present in case those attending the mixer didn’t eat before they came.  Empty stomachs and booze is not a recipe on which we’re willing to gamble.  Evan Couloumbe, guitar player for Joshua James, brought a fresh batch of his latest bread strikingly similar to that which you’d find at Tartine in San Francisco.  We dipped it in a spicy lime local aioli, Some Guy’s Special Sauce, and these Roasted Strawberries.
Come join us at one of our next SLCmixers.

For the Roasted Strawberry recipe please visit They are super easy and perfect on top a of crusty bread or vanilla ice cream.

Breadsong and Some Guys Special Sauce
Bar X is our favorite place to grab a drink with friends in Salt Lake. They now have a sleek back room called the speakeasy that is offered for use of private parties and events.  Contact Bar X for more details.

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