SLCmixer with Alpha Dominche

Reviewed by Becky

by Josh Rosenthal

We still can’t show you pictures of Alpha Dominche’s Steampunk, but rest assured it’s as brilliant as we’ve hyped it to be.  The group of folks that joined us at the SLCmixer got to experience the machine first hand.  You might see some photos of it on the internet, but those aren’t the final version.  The final version goes to market soon.  One of the engineers drew a picture of it for us on the chalk board.  This is all you get.

Khristian Bombeck (below) is the owner/operator of Alpha Dominche.  He used to own a coffee shop in Montana where he came up with the idea to have a machine duplicate the siphon brewing method allowing a faster turn around time per cup in a faster-paced commercial setting.  As the idea became more and more of a reality, he moved the idea and his family to Salt Lake.

Our favorite local roasters, Tim Walzer and Levi Rogers from La Barba (below), brought some of their beans along to feature the new machine.  

The Alpha Dominche releases toward the end of August to a select group of coffee shops on the east and west coasts.  We’re lobbying to see one in Salt Lake sooner rather than later.

Join us for one of our future SLCmixers events.  We’re in the process putting together a pretty compelling fall schedule if I do say so myself.

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