Habit Burger

Habit Burger

Reviewed by Becky

There’s a new burger joint that popped up in Sugarhouse.  Habit Burger has been staple for burger lovers around California since 1969, and now found it’s way to Utah!  This new-to-Utah chain specializes in simple burgers with fresh, quality ingredients served at affordable prices, which often causes people to keep returning, hence the name. I got the full inside – scoop when I went there recently, here are some tips for dining at Habit Burger

  • You may customize your order with any of the ingredients that are on the menu.  Say… if you like albacore tuna but would rather have it on a salad instead of a bun, or if you’d like mushrooms and swiss on your chicken sandwich, just make the request and it’s done to your liking!
  • You may also ask for a whole wheat bun if that’s your preference.
  • They are starting to serve gluten free options so stay tuned!
  • They do have veggie burgers, which I’ve tried and highly recommend
  • If you’re a burger lover, try the Santa Barbara style burger  it’s not on the menu but they’ll know what you’re talking about… its a double burger with avocado served on sourdough bread.
  • They have their own specialty fry sauce, made just for this location in Utah, and oh it is good!!
  • They make their own ranch.
  • If your indecisive, you can order half fries half onion rings, instead of a full order of each.

Go have a burger, or better yet, have a burger with avocado and a side of sweet potato fries!!

Habit Burger

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  1. The burger is decent, but Guzzi is more my style. I asked if they’d put a fried egg on it, and they weren’t down with that. Disappointing.

    The sweet potato fries are good. The chocolate shakes seemed to use hershey’s syrup.

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