SLC Mixer: #PCprogressive Dinner – Shabu

Reviewed by Dan

This is part 2 of 3 posts with photos and story of our #PCprogressive Dinner with Washington School House Hotel, Libation SLC, World Kitchen Specialty Foods, Shabu and Reef’s.  Search the #PCprogressive hashtag on Instagram for more photos.

Read about our first stop at Washington School House Hotel by Mary McIntyre.

After leaving the school house with a few bites and some great wines presented by Francis Fecteau, we meandered our way down in the lower levels of Main Street’s belly into Shabu.

It’s important to note, before we go any further, that Shabu is offering $25 off when you spend $75 or more through the shoulder season.

Our second stop of the evening is owned and operated by two brothers – Kevin and Bob Valaika (read more about them here). One manages the front of house (Kevin) and the other makes his home nightly in the kitchen as the executive chef (Bob).  Located on Historic Main Street, Shabu opened in 2004 and has become well known for its unique take on Asian cuisine.

The atmosphere is dark and cozy and decorated with bold, exciting sculptures and artwork.  It’s easy to walk down Shabu’s stairs and feel like you’re away from all of the hustle of Main Street.  It’s like you’ve entered an inviting dining room with great flavors both from the bar and the kitchen that’s hidden away.  I’m not even sure if this description does Shabu’s environment justice.  It’s honestly something you have to experience.

For our Park City Progressive Dinner, Bob made us a Miso Glazed Black Cod with Asian noodle egg foo yong and wok vegetables. Beautifully prepared, the cod was perfectly flakey, savory and sweet.

We’re honored that Shabu would take the time to host us and look forward to sitting at their table during the shoulder season and beyond.  We hope you’ll round up a crew and head that way soon.

Next stop: Reef’s.


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