Reef's Restaurant in Park City

Reef’s Restaurant at Savor the Summit

Reviewed by Josh

Becky and I sat at Reef’s table at Savor the Summit this year.  The long table along Main St, the setting sun, the undecided weather going from blazing hot to freezing cold in a matter of minutes all work together to make this event memorable every year.  We’re also suckers for a long outdoor table (we did Wasatch Mountain Table last week and we’re hosting our own long-tabled-outdoor event on July 26).

Becky ate at Reef’s a few years ago and has been trying to get me there ever since, though it never really worked out.  After a four-course work of art created by Asi (chef/owner) I get it.  Reef’s Restaurant really is something special on a street once known for great restaurants.

Reef’s owners come by way of Israel to Park City bringing super tasty food from their region of the world opening about 10 years ago.  We’re not the only ones who love it though.  The folks we sat next to eat at Reef’s 3 or 4 times every time they visit Park City (twice/year) citing their love for it comes from the food’s honesty and simplicity.  The table was filled with Reef’s regulars.

Reef's Restaurant in Park City Reef's Restaurant in Park City

I don’t need my food to look good.  It’s a nice bonus when it does, but it’s not a turn-off when it doesn’t.  Food is 80% taste, 19% environment and 1% presentation for me.  I get a bit skeptical when my food is too pretty.  Are they trying to distract me from how it tastes?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Either way, Reef’s presentation was tasteful, but I was certainly not afraid to cut into it, mess it up, get it on my shirt and incur any other collateral damage en route (i.e. dropping it on my son’s head as I hold him and eat).

Reef's Restaurant in Park City

For me, the steak was the big winner of the night.  I’m a steak fan though I rarely have the chance or budget to eat it.  And since I rarely eat it, I don’t like to waste stomach space on a bad steak.  The steak (pictured at the top of this post) was the best steak I’ve ever had.  Hands down.  Becky knows I’m an exaggerator, but this is no tale.  It was soft, creamy, dressed up but the flavor of the steak was not masked.  It was up front and on display with the other flavors supplementing well but staying in the background.  I seriously think I dreamed about it that night.

Reef's Restaurant in Park City

We love a good family-owned operation.  If the food’s not great, we’ll still eat at a local, family-owned joint to support them.  Reef’s is the best combination of all.  There are three generations inside the walls of Reef’s all with a gift for food, hospitality, and wine selection (they served some great Israeli wines).

Next time your in Park City, give it a shot.

Reef's Restaurant in Park CityReef's Restaurant in Park City

Special thanks to my lovely lady and baby boy for joining me at the table.

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