Pago in Salt Lake City

Brunch at Pago in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Josh

Pago is special.

I feel like this whole post could be summed up in those three words, but I’ll expand for posterity’s sake.

I’m not sure where to begin – the owner (Scott Evans), the way they source their food, from whom they source it, their wine list, their sommelier(s), dining aesthetic, their manager/sommelier/wine-maker (Evan Lewandowski), the risks they’ve taken on young brands (Charming Beard, Amour Spreads, many more) or their chef.

Honestly, all of its worth mentioning on some level, though I think I’ll just hit some of the high points and focus on Becky’s favorite meal of the week, brunch.

Dutch Baby at Pago in Salt Lake City

As Becky and I were in the waiting-for-the-baby-to-be-born days of her pregnancy, we found our Sundays a bit more available than usual so we wandered up to Pago for brunch.  One of the sweet servers saw Becky’s round belly and brought over a Dutch Baby Pancake before we could even order our coffee.  It’s a great way to start a meal and even better idea as way to  to coax a reluctant child out of the womb.  It didn’t work, but the house made strawberry rhubarb jam gave its best effort.

Charming Beard at Pago in Salt Lake City

As we finished the Dutch Baby and waited for what we ordered, a nice French Press of Charming Beard Coffee’s Rwanda MIG Buremera found its way to our table.  There are only two places in town right now (we know of, do you know of any other?) that serve coffee in a French Press, Zy and Pago.  We love it when a restaurant puts a little more effort into their coffee regardless of who the coffee roaster is.

After the coffee came a wonder taste of Becky’s Pago Scramble and my Croque Monsieur.  I’m on a never ending quest to remember my 2012 trip to France. I’ll take absolutely any reminder possible.  The Croque Monsieur did a fine job.

Croque Monsieur at Pago in Salt Lake City

As local food lovers, we’re immensely grateful for the risk Scott Evans took on Pago (and Finca).  We hope for many more free Sundays (with child) will find us at a table in the 9th and 9th District served by the wonderful folks at Pago.

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  1. Pago is one of my favorite restaurants in Salt Lake City, too. I often find it difficult to explain why, but this post pretty much sums it up! Beautifully written and perfect photos. Congrats again on your new bundle!

    – Kelli

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