Prana Spa and Cafe Supernatural

Cafe Supernatural & Prana Spa + A GIVEAWAY

Reviewed by Becky

Healthy, delicious foods, plus luxurious, all-natural spa treatments… count me in!  You don’t have to be 8 months pregnant (like me) to fully appreciate a feel-good meal along with a good massage.  This is something we all should incorporate more often in our routine. Cafe Supernatural serves up light and fresh vegan foods like wraps, veggie bowls, salads and smoothies while just around the corner Prana Spa is providing revitalizing massages and other natural spa services.

Prana Yoga and Cafe Supernatural

During my seventh month of pregnancy Josh and I took a month of yoga classes at Prana Yoga keeping us centered and at peace while we anxiously awaited our baby’s arrival. As we enjoyed our yoga classes, we discovered that Prana offers more than great yoga.  Their spa services are some of the best in the city and the cafe attached provides spa-like foods, great for before or after yoga or a massage.

Prana Yoga and Cafe Supernatural

I don’t often get massages and perhaps could even count the number of massages I’ve gotten in my lifetime on one hand, but after getting a massage at Prana I may be hooked.  Maybe it is the fact that I was over 30 weeks pregnant at the time or that I had an amazing masseuse, but I had to peel myself off the massage table afterwards it was that soothing.

To me a good massage should be in a comfortable spot, simple with light soothing music in a quiet room with calming lotions and aromas.  Prana’s spa is simple but everything is done just perfectly, their masseuses are polished professionals, skilled and passionate about what they do, the space is peaceful and subdued, and the products they use are high-quality natural products. Their products are organic, all-natural massage products that combine sustainable ingredients with the aromatic healing powers of essential oils. They also have a variety of massage offerings (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and special therapies such as Reflexology, Structural Integration, Lymphatic Drainage, Chakra Balancing, Thai Yoga massage, Pregnancy Massage, and Crainosacral treatments) sure to fit the needs of most anyone.

Prana Yoga and Cafe Supernatural

After peeling myself off the massage table, I sluggishly walked around to Cafe Supernatural where I enjoyed a wrap and smoothie.  After a nourishing meal and a great massage,  I left feeling completely restored and refreshed.  The only problem I have now is wanting to make an appointment for another day in the spa soon!

Prana Yoga and Cafe Supernatural

You don’t have to go to the spa to enjoy Cafe Supernatural’s spa foods.  Cafe Supernatural is open to the public seven days a week offering mostly local and organically grown foods.  Celebrate Meatless Monday and you get a 20% discount on all of your food.  They also offer wine, which is pretty awesome to enjoy while sitting at their cafe tables outside!

Cafe Supernatural Vegan Salt Lake Restaurant

Cafe Supernatural Vegan Salt Lake Restaurant

I felt as if I found a little jewel hidden behind Trolley Square.  Prana Spa and Cafe Supernatural provide a little oasis for locals, serving up restoration and vitality.

GIVEAWWAY… Today Prana Spa is offering up a a FREE pedicure to one of our readers.  Simply comment with your favorite way to relax or be restored to be entered to win! Winner will be announced on Friday.  Congratulations Michelle Millburn, you are the big winner today!!

Prana Spa

Cafe Supernatural

600 South 700 East

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  1. My favorite way to relax is by getting a massage when that is not readily available, I just lay in a dark room and listen to quiet, relaxing music.

  2. My favorite way to relax is to play volleyball! After spending the day with my children there’s nothing like working up a good sweat!

  3. I’m so happy we have a beautiful and healthy place to eat now! Can’t wait to try it.
    My favorite way to relax is to go to the gym on a sunny saturday morning and then take a hot bath. I feel much better when I exercise.

  4. All of those sound like great ways to relax! I love a good book by the fire or as it gets warmer I love being outside on the patio with a glass of wine.

  5. I’ve walked past this cafe so many times and wondered about it. I think it’s time I venture in!

    Curling up with a book or a good movie usually relaxes me!

  6. A nice, long shower works wonders for me. Standing quietly for a half hour or so, soaking in the steam, can make all the difference in a hectic day of baby-lovin’.

    • Congratulations Michelle, you are the winner of a FREE pedicure at Prana Spa! Please email SLCfoodie@gmail with your contact information. Thanks!!

  7. relaxing is just about anything as long as it is not rushed. My idea of relaxing is a long savasana feeling refreshed then indulging in a healthy but yummy meal.

  8. Right now, simply being outside with the sun in my face and hearing the birds chirp!
    Working in an office full-time sort of prevents moments like that.

    This place looks fantastic. I’m overdue for a massage and that food just looks so clean and nourishing.

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