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Reviewed by Becky

I’m learning more about how to relax.  Being American, having multiple jobs and responsibilities, one of them requiring much time online, often keeps me wired with little-to-no real down time.  I’m not talking time to watch the latest Downton Abbey or New Girl, but real silence, reflection, and meditation. Prana Yoga at Trolley Square offers several Restore Classes throughout the week to help with just that.  And with the baby on the way, Josh and I decided that what we needed most was some quiet and peaceful moments together.

We signed up for a month of yoga and have attended many of the different classes, though the Restore class is what we’ve been favoring most. Restore Yoga is a time of deep relaxation through passive stretching in optimal yoga poses. We practice letting go of the worries of your day with each outward breath, and taking in new fresh air with every breath in.  Restore can be more renewing than a nap yet more energizing than a cup of coffee.  Really, what that class does for your body and mind is absolutely beautiful.  I think of the amount of stressed out folks out there who could really benefit from an hour or two of these classes every week.

Prana Yoga SLC

After class we often pick up a smoothie at Cafe Supernatural, attached to Prana Yoga, as they are only $5 after any yoga class!  They have lots of delicious combinations like Prana, with green apple, cucumber, spinach, lemon and juniper berry or Intuition with banana, blueberry, black currants, almond milk, lavender, and agave.  Leaving the studio, I’m feeling completely revitalized mentally and physically.

I will say that locals are catching on.  The restore class at Prana often fills up, as more and more folks are desiring to catch some true restoration.

Prana Yoga
Cafe Supernatural
$5 smoothies after any yoga classPrana Yoga SLC

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