Hyatt Escala Lodge_SLC Foodie

Hyatt Escala Lodge in Park City

Reviewed by Josh

Not long ago, we had the incredible pleasure of taking our Portuguese Waterdog Henry (we’re pathetic) to stay at the Hyatt Escala Lodge at the Canyons Resort.  For the most part, if you know Park City, you’re probably not surprised that some places around there allow dogs.  Parkites love their dogs and as a result, where possible, they’re treated like humans…lucky for us.

The Hyatt Escala Lodge is perched on in the middle of the resort allowing for great views no matter where you look.  They hotel itself is a sight to see, fitting nicely in the Canyons mountain town vibe.

Hyatt Escala Lodge_SLC Foodie

The Canyons Resort area has a way of taking you out of the everyday hustle and calming you down (except during Sundance where that whole town defines ‘hustle and bustle’).  On this day, we were content to move slow and enjoy the view from our room.  When we did decide to leave, we had plenty of options for coffee, snacks, adult beverages and even a little shopping.Hyatt Escala Lodge_SLC Foodie

I’m about 99.9% sure that dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture at the Escala.  Rest assured, after we took a few dozen photos of Henry’s curious head, we pushed him off IMMEDIATELY.

At the entrance of the Hyatt Escala Lodge, you’ll find a great restaurant – Escala Provisions Company, which throughly enjoyed both the food and the chef.

The staff was kind and hospitable, the room was clean and welcoming.  It was the kind of room that you could stay in all day and not feel like you’re missing out.

Hyatt Escala Lodge_SLC Foodie Hyatt Escala Lodge_SLC Foodie

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