Cocktails from The Farm at Canyons Resort

Cocktails at The Farm

Reviewed by Becky

When we ate at The Farm the cocktails we sipped on almost stole the show. They were so good that we thought they deserved their own blog post.  The menu included so many interesting drinks that we let our waiter, who also often works at the bar, choose a couple from the list for us to sample.

Cocktails at The Farm Canyons

I tried the most unusual one, the Phat Beetz, a bright pink cocktail made with pickled beet puree, ginger liquor and tangeray, a blend that easily grew on me as I slowly sipped on it.  This more-savory-than-sweet cocktail challenged my taste buds but ever since then I’ve been craving less sweet cocktails. I’m sharing the recipe for the Phat Beetz cocktail on theVintageMixer today. Josh tried the Summer Solstice, a mixture of High West Bouyre, peach/mint/white tea emulsion served in a highball with a finish of Squatters IPA.

Cocktails from The Farm at Canyons Resort

Around dessert time we had to try the Farm Gin Fizz, a tall strawberry milkshake-like drink not for kids.  This cocktail is a combinations of Bombay Sapphire, a citrus medley, cream, strawberry reduction, fresh egg white, served in a collins glass floated with sparkling water.  The sparkling water mixed with the cream and egg whites together create a foam similar to what you sip off the top of an ice cream float. This is a dessert cocktail that will cure your cravings for ice cream and fruit all in the same sip.

We enjoyed our cocktails while sitting under the atrium overlooking the sun slowly going down behind the green slopes. A perfect evening in my book.

The Farm at The Canyons Resort

Today on theVintageMixer we’re sharing a recipe for one of the cocktails. Read the full post of our meal at the Farm here.

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  1. Hello Becky,
    My name is Therese and we used to work at Deer Valley Loging together. I have been working at Canyons for the past 2 years and had noticed this blog on our web site today ….and so happy to see your smiling face ! How are you? I love in Salt Lake by Liberty Park! So of course I want to be added to your list for emails. I look so foraward to hearing from you. Therese ; }

    • Therese, So great to hear from you!!! I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog. Part of the reason why I started food blogging was from the inspiration I got at Deer Valley… there was so much good food there! I hope you are doing well and I’d love to hear how life for you is going!

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