Huevos Rancheros at Eggs in the City breakfast in Salt Lake

Breakfast with a local: Isabel Mejia at Eggs in the City

Reviewed by Becky

Who: Isabel Mejia.  Nutrition Coach

What she ate:  Huevos Rancheros. (and she ate with excellent portion control I might add)

Isabel Mejia Nutrition Coach in Salt Lake City

A typical breakfast for you: ‘I change up my breakfast every day so I stay balanced and don’t get bored of the same thing. Oatmeal, Toast with peanut butter & fruit, breakfast tacos, crepes & waffles on occasion, eggs sparingly, and I do enjoy veggie omelets. Really anything with the word breakfast in it.  I’m game for anything!’

Your dream breakfast: Baleadas Hondurenas, a traditional breakfast in Honduras that my mom still makes.  It is made with a homemade flour tortilla, eggs, crema, beans and queso fresco.

Why Salt Lake City:  My family lived here and life just kind of took me here but now I really enjoy it.  I originally moved here from LA to be close to my mom but then I went back to school and started working here and now I really enjoy helping people lead healthy lives in Utah.

Hometown:  LA and now Salt Lake.

stay up to date with Isabel and her health seminars and tips and on twitter @FoodIsOurFriend and online at  

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