Cafe on 1st

Reviewed by Becky

I think I’m a coffee snob now.

Or at least I’m learning to be. After trying some of the best coffee in the country on our recent punctuated trip to Portland, I’m actually starting to taste the difference between coffees.

Cafe on 1st, is a rather simple coffee shop in the Avenues of Salt Lake serving up some of the best coffee in the city. I’ve learned recently that many coffee shops burn their milk, taking away from the sweetness of a latte. I’ve also learned that dark roast doesn’t mean there is more caffeine in the coffee.

I’ll keep learning but what I can tell you is that Cafe on 1st is doing it right and really caring about the art of a cup of coffee. They are currently brewing Lavazza. They also have some stellar baristas.

Cafe on 1st
39 I Street
Open Mon-Sun 7-9pm

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  1. people who care about their coffee are tops in my book. we consider ourselves "coffee snobs" too. i can't wait to try this place!

  2. I love Cafe on 1st! I'm so glad you love their coffee, as do I. Their cheese and chile bisque soup is also superb.

  3. and since we are both coffee snobs now we should so go grab a cup. only of the good stuff though. Did you try their iced Thai coffee? I did not, but it sounded intriguing.

  4. I'm test driving Cafe on 1st as I write this… one of the best vanilla latte's I've had in Utah! Nice work Levi…

  5. Awesome – I'll have to give it a whirl. I've driven by a few times and have wondered about it. Do they sell food too or just coffeeshop kind of stuff? -CD

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