Takashi Japanese Restaurant in Salt Lake

Takashi, Salt Lake City UT

Reviewed by Becky

After being on our list of places we’d like to go for way too long, we finally went to Takashi, one of Salt Lake City’s best restaurants, in my opinion. It is located in a narrow downtown street surrounded by several other great restaurants and bars. Market Street is one of downtown Salt Lake’s most fun areas with Takashi, Market Street Grill, The New Yorker, and Kristauf’s.We had heard all about Takashi and their amazing, high-grade, fresh sushi but had never been there because their prices are quite high. But for a special occasion it is well worth the money you spend. We celebrated our anniversary there and after polling friends on twitter, we were loaded with lots of great recommendations. So many recommendations, that we were unable to try many of them, so it looks like we will have to go back. I took lots of pictures so I won’t bother you with words, you can see for yourself.

The Sable Fish was amazing, probably the best fish I’ve ever had. It was perfectly buttery with a touch of sweetness and almost melted in your mouth.
The T n’ T Roll, perfect for the spicy lover, a deep fried yellowtail & salmon roll served with a very spciry horseradish sauce
The Strawberry Feilds Roll, was very unusual and came highly recommended to us so we had to try it. I would suggest it more as a dessert or last roll of the evening. But it was good even dipped in soy sauce for the perfect salty-sweet balance
The Spicy Tuna roll is my go to roll at any sushi restaurant and it was exceptionally good at Takashi!
I realize that we were going out on a limb ordering a Dessert Crepe from a sushi restaurant but Takashi proved its diversity because it was really tasty and it was also nice being a lighter dessert because of the fresh fruit.
What we’ll try next time:
The Box- made with 3 different types of fish
The Mermaid- a version of spicy tuna
Green Papaya Salad

Our favorites:
Easy Rider- not pictured above but this was my favorite: a salmon and basil-filled roll
T n’T- tepura yellowtail & salmon served with a very spciry horseradish sauce

Takashi Sushi
18 West Market Street
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  1. My husband goes here for lunch once a month and loves, loves this place. I've been in only once and have to say it was fabulous. Great review.

  2. This is my fave "fancy sushi" place in SLC (and where I first laid eyes on my husband). Kyoto is our favorite overall and is way, way, way less expensive.

  3. would love it if you could review naked fish japanese bistro 67 w 100 s. i think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

  4. I've been braving crowds at Takashi for years – went to Naked Fish and sat next to owner/chef of Forage – we all agreed that the best sashimi in town is now the Naked Fish.

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