Naked Fish Bistro a Japanese Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Omakase at Naked Fish

Reviewed by Josh

If there’s one single meal I recommend you splurge on it’s Omakase at Naked Fish. Omakase simply means “I’ll leave it to you.”  And when the chef is this good you’re better off if you do. When I go to Japanese restaurants (or any really high end restaurant for that matter) I’m probably in better hands leaving my menu decisions to the one cooking. They know what’s fresh and when given the creative freedom they are excited to thrill you with new flavors throughout the tasting journey of an evening out.

Naked Fish Bistro a Japanese Restaurant in Salt Lake City

We recently took the omakase challenge and it paid off.  Every bite was new.  Fresh flavors overtook all my senses. This was the best meal we’ve had in a long time and I think it will be a hard one to trump.  Here’s just a sample of what was on our menu that night. (Keep in mind that the menu changes daily for omakasee because, as I said, it’s all up to the chef!).

Hot tea with sage thyme lemongrass orange peel
Sea urchin with salmon roe
Silky seaweed
Oyster with yuzu and radish
Yellow tail belly, tuna, salmon belly, Japanese makarel
Crispy Skin of smoked trout with powdered nori and yuzu creme friache
Custard grilled fish bone with dashi gelatin, Utah trout roe and sweet pikled diakon
Yam gnocchi in miso and orange sauce with shaved walnuts
Toasted grains with roasted greens and a smoked poached quail egg in fish bone broth
Scallop with shishito peppers and chicken wings
Mushrooms with sous vide elk and a nori disk

I’m probably missing a course or too because the meal was just too good to think too hard about or record. The way best meals are!  But I hope this gives you a glimpse of what a fantastic omakase experience is like!
Also, Naked Fish serves a house made soy sauce blend that is less in sodium and for a real treat ask for their table-side, freshly ground wasabi grated on a shark skin grater!

Naked Fish Bistro a Japanese Restaurant in Salt Lake City

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