Park City Culinary Institute

Reviewed by Josh

I’m taking the next 8 weeks to dive deeper into my culinary skills and knowledge by taking on a intensive Culinary School session in Park City. Today on, I’m sharing a bit more about my first week in school but for all of you local readers who are also interested in a culinary profession or just sharpening your culinary skills, Park City Culinary School is offering a two night stay on Main Street in Park City plus a dinner at Riverhorse, a top restaurant in Park City, to anyone who signs up for the summer session before May 10th.

Park City Culinary School takes a well rounded approach to culinary school, teaching the skills while also creating beautiful meals. I’m only a week in but I can already tell that I’m going to be challenged far beyond my imagination during the next 7 weeks. Stay tuned on and VintageMixer on Instagram for more updates. Contact for more information regarding the school.

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