Holmgrem Historic Farm

A Visit to the Top of Utah

Reviewed by Becky

When you think of Northern Utah you probably aren’t thinking of food. A more quiet lifestyle with serene surroundings and friendly small town attitude is common but the food that is enjoyed at the top of Utah ain’t bad either. We recently took a trip to Temonton and the Holmgren Historic Farm to get a taste of what Northern Utah has to offer.

Northern Utah Travel Holmgren Farm Northern Utah Travel Holmgren Farm

Northern Utah Travel Holmgren Farm Northern Utah Travel Holmgren Farm

Here are a few of the flavors we enjoyed coming out of our northern neighbors lands:

Crumb Brother’s Bakery – Bread

Butcher’s Bunches Organic Jam

Zollinger Apple Farm

Beehive Brewery – Root beer, Beer

Beehive Distillers – Gin

Idle Isle Candies – Chocolate

Ruth Lewandowski – Wines

Pettingill’s Farm – Peaches

Dallas’s back yard – Apricot Vinegar

Sugarhouse Pork – Pork

Morgan Valley – Lamb Ribs

Holmgren Farm – Beef, apricots

New Roots Farm – Tomatoes

M & M Farms – Peppers, Cucumbers, Squash

Keep it Real Vegetables (Ty Montague urban farming) – Carrots

Winder Dairy – Mascarpone, Ricotta

Road Creek Ranch – Trout

Parker Produce – Tomatoes

Frog Bench Farms – Nasturtium, Oregano

We dined at the Historic Holmgren farm, in the family barn to be exact, and had tastes of the state made by one of our favorite restaurants, Pago. Here’s a little more info on the beautiful farm estate:

The Holmgren Historical Farm was settled in 1896 through the Homestead Act, this working family farm is on the National Register of Historic Places for its gothic-style dairy barn that once retained hay storage and dairy operations under one roof. The farm is still owned by the Holmgren family and is home to numerous events throughout the year including festivals, family gatherings, barn tours, concerts, craft fairs, disc golf tournaments, art projects and much more. The farm has become an integral part of the community and one of the top “go to” places in Northern Utah. For more information, visit www.holmgrenhistoricalfarm.org.

Our purpose of the evening was to discover a little more reason to visit Northern Utah. Here are some reasons that I think will get you heading North:

Bear Lake Valley – A Beach, a Cave and Boundless Raspberries

Dubbed the “Caribbean of the Rockies” by locals, Bear Lake’s turquoise waters and fine sand beaches are an attraction that beckons Utahns and outside visitors alike. Don’t miss Minnetonka Cave—a fascinating 9-room cave of stalactites, stalagmites and banded travertine. Locals also find it hard not to stop at a tiny town along the way – Garden City. Here, the question of ”Who invented the Bear Lake raspberry shake?” will provoke serious contention. However, what is known is that the climate of Bear Lake is perfect for growing some of the most delicious raspberries in the world resulting in a Raspberry Days celebration every August.

Mountain Valley Trout and Llama Farm

Looking to take a great fishing trip in Utah? Smithfield, Utah’s Mountain Valley Trout and Llama farm offers a variety of fish: rainbow, brook, brown, tiger, cutthroat, cutbows, blue rainbows and largemouth bass, all in one place as well as cute llamas (available for rent) that kids are sure to love.

Brigham City’s Golden Spike and Peach Days

September is the perfect time of year to enjoy Brigham City’s heritage. Honoring the harvest and the best peaches in Utah, Brigham City’s Peach Days, Sept. 3–6, has been celebrated for the past 100 years. The celebration includes a 10K race, car show, parade and succulent Brigham City peaches.

Even older is Golden Spike National Historic Site, marking the moment when the East met West and the Transcontinental Railroad, Central Pacific and Union Pacific were connected, forever changing transportation. Golden Spike offers guided Engine House tours, reenactments and nearly 20 miles of auto tours highlighting the original construction sites of the railroad. http://www.nps.gov/gosp/index.htm

American West Heritage Center

The American West Heritage Center sits at the foot of the majestic Wellsville Mountains. Enjoy various activities such as The Mountain Man Camp, pioneer treks, panning for gold and the Native American Encampment, as well as events throughout the year such as Baby Animal Days, The Fall festival and The Christmas Feast.  Visit https://www.awhc.org/ for more information.

Mt. Naomi U-Pick Experience

Mt. Naomi farm is a third-generation family owned and operated sustainable farm in Cache Valley The family created a fun you-pick experience, featuring strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and grapes using water-wise practices.  Bring a water bottle and arrive early (open 7:30 am to noon) for the best fruit and cooler temperatures.  http://www.mtnaomifarms.com/U-Pick_Experience.h

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  1. As a Cache Valley native I love to see Cache Valley and Rich County food spots get the recognition they deserve! If you are ever up this way again you should check out Paradise Valley Orchard, Gibbons Green Gate Farm, Rockhill Creamery, Cache Valley Gardener’s Market, Week’s Berries, White’s Trout Farm & Big Game, Jack’s Wood Fired Oven Pizza, Le Nonne, and other local favorites!

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