Caffe Niche cocktails Salt Lake City

Classic Cocktails at Caffe Niche

Reviewed by Josh

There’s a guy at Caffe Niche that you must get to know.  While your at it, find a cocktail to fit your whimsey and pull up a chair at his bar. Bartender, Chris Bradshaw has been with Caffe Niche for over 7 years, working his way up from dishes to drinks.  He found his happy place behind the bar, bringing the classics back to Salt Lake.

Chris Bradshaw bartender at Caffe Niche Salt Lake City

While many mixologists have twisted and transformed those familiar favorites on bar menus, Chris found the original way to serve up the classics.  You’ll find cocktails like Pimm’s Cup, the Negroni, a Mint Julip, and a Daiquiri on the list.  But the drinks may come in forms you’re not quite used it. We have come to expect a daiquiri to be sweet with blended ice and fruit garnishes but Chris’s daiquiri is simple and balanced, as it was intended to be. His julep is boozy and the old fashioned nostalgic. The glass ware and ice are customized to perfectly fit each drink and the only twist he’s adding is elevated ingredients. Each drink is presented beautifully with a taste perfectly vintage, not too sweet or trendy.

We’re raising a glass to what Chris is doing at Caffe Niche!

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