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Some of you may be wondering why things have been a little quiet here for a while… no mixers, no gather boxes and only a few blog posts in a matter of months.  Well its because we had a little surprise project that came up…  Josh and I are writing a book about the Salt Lake dining scene for a publisher out of Connecticut.  We are featuring local restaurants, their chefs, and 1 recipe from each chef.  It’s been a blast to research for  and also has taken up much of our time, which is why everything else was put on hold.  The book has a quick turn around and we’ll actually be turning in our first draft in about a month!  The book will be ready for purchase before Christmas this year.

So, while we’re eating our way through Salt Lake and writing until the wee hours, we’d love to hear some of your favorites around town.  Leave us a note with your favorite restaurants and dishes.

We miss seeing you all at mixers but we are excited to have a book to put in your hands in a matter of months!

Here’s a little taste of our adventures so far:




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