Alchemy Coffee Salt Lake

Alchemy Coffee near the Capitol

Reviewed by Josh

In case, you didn’t know, Alchemy Coffee opened up a second location near the Capitol.   We enjoyed a coffee there pre-brunch at Em’s one morning then have been back a few times since.  A few items to note – Amaretto Green Tea Lattes, Sweet Potato Muffins (served toasted!), and high end coffee (straight up Americanos or Cappuccinos are great here.)  The service is beyond friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.  It’s a new favorite of ours that we had to share here with you!

Alchemy Coffee

271 N Center Street

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  1. YESS! I love this place but the other location was just a bit far for a coffee shop run. Depending on the hours, this just may be my new go-to coffee shop. Their food is delish!

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