Real Foods Market Sugarhouse

Real Foods Market

Reviewed by Josh

A new market for whole foods has opened its doors in Sugarhouse.  Ironically located by Whole Foods, Real Foods, does have a unique offering with a more local and focused mission than other grocers.

Real Foods Market is a locally owned company selling products from their own farm and other local sources.  The food here is chemical free (no GMO, no MGS, no additives and no food coloring) and nutrient rich. You’ll find raw milk, grass fed beef, organic produce, wild caught fish, fresh eggs from pasteurized chickens, sprouted grains, raw nuts and seeds, fermented foods, healthy oils, and much much more!

Real Foods Market

Although, you can stop in a shop at Real Foods anytime now, the Grand Opening is September 28th from 12-4pm. They will have live music, vendors, food tasting, prizes and give-a-ways . Their farmers from Redmond will be there with some baby farm animals. They will also talk about their beliefs of natural and grass-fed farming.  This will be a fun event for the family and especially foodies and people learning about sustainable farming (urban or rural).

I must also mention that Real Foods Market has a cafe where you can get breakfast, lunch or stop in for a special coffee drinks (with all natural flavorings of course!!). More to come on their cafe menu soon!

Real Foods Market
2209 South Highland Drive
Grand Opening Sept 28th 12-4pm

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  1. I stopped in here a couple of days ago, mainly because they had a big sign mentioning they had fresh vegetable juice. Found it ironic that they opened a store like this so close to Whole Foods but was educated about the Raw Milk and grass fed beef. What a great addition to our community.

    • I couldn’t agree more! And I think customers from each store (WF and Real Market) could go back and forth to get the exact ingredients they’re looking for. They do offer a different supply of goods but share a similar demographic so that’s nice!

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