Taqueria El Rey de Oros

Taqueria El Rey de Oros

Reviewed by Josh

This is one of those secrets that we almost wanted to keep to ourselves its so good.  When you find a cheap and tasty taco place, you’re only hope is that it would stay just that. Our friend, Mike, first introduced us to El Rey de Oros and we’ve been taking double family dates to it ever since then.  Part of me wanted to keep it our special, secret place, but then I overcame the selfishness, brought the big camera in, and decided to share it with you (my special and secret friends)!!

This little joint on the West side of town may be popular among some but little chat is happening about it online. While it’s located west of town its really not that far west, only a few minutes from downtown, and a quick drive from the freeway.

As you walk in, don’t expect anything fancy. As any good Mexican food joint should be, it’s interior is quite simple, with a few additions taped to the menu board, a few quarter games for kids, and a dozen or so plastic tables (you know the ones with chairs fixed to them like in many old-school fast food joints).

When you go, our recommendations are simple, tacos & horchada.  All of the tacos are pretty stinkin’ good (and as cheap as the taco stands on the street!). The asada (beef) taco is a favorite as well as the pastor (aka barbecue pork). My very favorite thing that I’ve tried is their pollo sopes, which is basically a thick fried tortilla covered in ‘the-works': beans, lettuce, chicken, Mexican cheese and cream.

A few tips for newbies at El Rey de Oros – order extra picked carrots for only $1, and refills for horchada are a steal for just $.25.

Now, I’m entrusting this little secret to you. Go and enjoy!

Taqueria El Rey de Oros Taqueria El Rey de Oros  Taqueria El Rey de Oros

El Rey de Oros
175 South 900 West
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