Tea Grotto in Salt Lake City

Tea Grotto in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Josh

Josh and I have a new little date spot in Salt Lake, Tea Grotto.  Though we’re not huge tea drinkers at home, besides my new matcha green tea obsession, we do however like to go out for tea. We used to frequently visit the old English tea house, Elizabeth’s, but since it’s been gone, we hadn’t revisited our tea dates.

Matcha Latte at Tea Grotto in Salt Lake City

When I was pregnant we had this ongoing tradition that after every doctor’s appointments we would go out for a little treat.  After one appointment we decided our treat would be tea.  Not knowing any great tea spots, I did remember that there was a tea house next door to Pig and a Jelly Jar. So we ventured over near Liberty Park to try out this new-to-us tea house.

After walking in and then having just a few sips of our selected teas, we already had made plans of returning.  Maybe Tea Grotto would be our new spot for tea dates. On this first visit I kept to my favorite and ordered their Matcha Latte, which was not as hot as I would have liked but the flavor was just perfect.  They also have a variety of sugars and natural sweeteners to add to the drinks, my favorite being the sugar cane cubes. Josh tried a fruit tea which came in a tea kettle with a couple little tea cups.  We both enjoyed the flavor of his tea and felt it went perfect with a little sweet bite.

Matcha Pound Cake at Tea Grotto in Salt Lake City

We couldn’t resist trying their matcha pound cake so we ordered one of these too.  The little green cake was not overly sweet with a perfect amount of sweet icing on top, which we found out was all vegan.  Its always a mystery to me when I find a pastry or baked good that could so easily be disguised as a guilty treat but then is revealed to be more healthy than I thought, though I’m sure there was a decent amount of sugar.

Tea Grotto in Salt Lake City

The interior of Tea Grotto is comfortable, as we found it easy to sit and stay awhile as we sipped our teas.  We’re excited to discover a new spot to resume our special tea dates, and with the amount of tea selections we have many new discoveries in store.

Tea Grotto

401 East 900 South
Monday -Thursday: 10am-9pm
Friday & Saturdays:  10am-10pm
Sundays: 10am-6pm
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