Roots Cafe in Millcreek Salt Lake City

Roots Cafe in Millcreek

Reviewed by Josh

I recently got to try out Roots Cafe in the Millcreek neighborhood of Salt Lake and let me just tell you, this little jewel is well worth the short drive from downtown!  Roots serves up fresh, local cuisine, in a eclectic little cafe. They really get creative with their menu and strive to please both the meat eaters and non meat eaters in one welcoming sitting.

My first visit was for lunch, but I must tell you that I really can’t wait to try their breakfast… with Polenta Eggs Benni, and German-Style Pancakes, the menu had me wishing we had come in earlier in the day (breakfast is served every day here).  Lunch, however, turned out to also be tasty.  I tried the Grilled Cheese of the Day, which happened to be an African peanut and veggie grilled cheese.  All sandwiches come with root vegetable chips or a quinoa salad. I chose the chips, which were kale chips when we visited. They were seasoned perfectly with a light crisp bite.  The sandwich could have been a bit spicier, but I am more of a spice fan than most of my Utah friends (this must come from my Texas roots).

Roots Cafe in Millcreek Salt Lake City

My date, my dear friend Dana, ordered the Classy Walnut Chicken Salad, which boasts of free range chicken, cranberry sauce and brie cheese. This sandwich was classic yet a bit more indulgent than the normal chicken salad sandwich because of the addition of the brie.

Roots Cafe in Millcreek Salt Lake City

We sat and talked in the cafe for a while and even though they were nearing closing time they didn’t push us to leave. We had too much to catch up on, as close girl friends often do, so we sat and ate slowly, getting all of the scoop on each others lives.

Roots Cafe in Millcreek Salt Lake City

As we went to check out, my eyes diverted to these little mounds of coconut goodness in the pastry case. The cashier must have seen me wide eyed because he said we must not leave without trying one of the coconut pistachio macaroons.  So, we didn’t.  We both left with a macaroon in hand, which didn’t make it far on the drive home.  If Roots Cafe were a little closer I would have already returned to pick up a few more of those little treats!

Roots Cafe in Millcreek Salt Lake City

With flamingos outside and everything from fresh pressed juice, to juicy blue bacon burgers inside, this quirky little cafe has already won over a variety of folks in their neighborhood and beyond, including me.  Now, I just need a return trip for breakfast!

Roots Cafe
3474 South 2300 East Milker
Breakfast 7am-11am weekdays, 7am-3pm weekends
Lunch 11am-3pm daily
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  1. I will definitely need to try this place soon. This is one of those joints that I have driven past often and have never tried.

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