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SLC Mixers: Introducing Laziz Foods

Reviewed by Josh

Last weekend we had the pleasure of partnering with 3 local chefs and Laziz Foods for an evening of new tastes and culture.  For those of you who couldn’t make it I hope to share with you today some of the beautiful experiences of the evening.

Laziz Foods SLC Mixer

Our evening started with a grand display of Laziz products: hummus, muhammara (a red pepper/walnut dip) and toum (a garlic condiment and the highlight of the evening).  We dipped bread, veggies and chips in each delicately-made spread and savored every flavor.
Laziz Foods SLC Mixer
After some light hors d’oeuvres, we gathered together for the main event.  A little back-story:  Three chefs, Matt Lake from Zy Restaurant, Chad Tanner from Wild Grape Bistro and Adam Kreisel from Chaia Cucina, were delivered a bottle of toum (Lebanese garlic spread) about a month ago and asked to create a dish using this locally made condiment.  After a few weeks of experimenting they each came out with their own signature dish highlighting toum.  The 30 folks who came to this SLC Mixer had the pleasure of sampling their special dishes and hearing a little more about each chef and their restaurant and catering careers.
Laziz Foods SLC Mixer
We also got the inside story of how Laziz came to be.  Owners Moudi and Derek, started their business delivering healthy meals to friends with a passion for healthy living.  They began incorporating Middle Eastern flavors and started tapping into Moudi’s Lebanese roots.  Eventually they came up with a winning hummus recipe with no added oils or spices.  That lead to the creation of two other spreads, the muhammara and toum.  Now they are selling these three specialty products in Harmons, Caputo’s, Liberty Heights and several local markets around the city.
Here are a few more shots from the evening:
Laziz Foods SLC Mixer

The families behind Laziz including relatives from Lebanon!Laziz Foods SLC Mixer

The 3 dishes that were created for the event:

Laziz Foods SLC Mixer

Arancini by Chad Tanner from Wild Grape Bistro.

Laziz Foods SLC Mixer

Elk Tartar by Adam Kreisel from Chaia Cucina.

Laziz Foods SLC Mixer

Scallops by Matt Lake from Zy Restaurant.

As for our dessert that evening, I made a special recipe giving to me from Moudi for Lebanese Rice Flour Pudding called Meghli.  It was a very special treat that we were all intrigued by.  You can find the recipe on

Laziz Foods SLC Mixer

To experiment yourself with Laziz products, stop by  one of the following grocers:

Harmons City Creek
Harmons Emigration Market
Harmons Brickyard
Harmons West Valley
Caputo’s Market and Deli
Liberty Heights Fresh
Wasatch Front Farmer’s Market Store
The Market at Park City
The Utah CoOp
The Community CoOp
Mololo Gardens
Cali’s Natural Foods.

Visit the Laziz facebook page for recipe ideas and inspiration.

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  1. We had a wonderful time! If you have not been to an SLCmixer yet I highly recommend the events. Very well run and great host!

    -Chef Matt, ZY Food wWine & Cheese

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