Salt Lake Magazine Dining Awards

Salt Lake Magazine Dining Awards 2013

Reviewed by Josh

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the Salt Lake Magazine Dining Awards.  For many of us average eaters in the city (I’m including myself) we hardly even know that this award system goes on, but for those in the restaurant industry evening is a big deal. Think of it as the Academy Awards of local dining… and yes, there was even a red carpet!!  The top restaurants in categories such as Best Indian food or Best Hospitality were awarded. Here were their conclusions for this year (and a great way to guide your dining out for the next few months!):

Hall of Fame: Aristos
Hall of Fame: Hells Backbone Grill
Best Mixologist- Scott Gardener from Finca
Sustainability- Heirloom Group
Best Indian- Saffron Valley
Best Bakery- Harmon’s
Best Food and Wine Education- Francis Fecteau
Best Wine list- Finca
Best Lunch- Cafe Niche
Best Quick eats- Oh Mai
Best Chinese- J Wong’s Asian Bistro
Best Japanese- Naked Fish
Best Asian- Plum Alley
Best Restaurant Design- Pallet
Best Breakfast- Roots Cafe
Best Comfort food- Pig and a Jelly Jar
Best Italian- Sea Salt
Best Pastry chef- Vinto Amber Billingsley
Best discovery- Taqueria 27
Best in Central Utah- Painted Pony
Best in Northern Utah- Jasoh
Best Southwestern Utah- Pizzeria 712
Best Best Chef- Viet Pham and Bowman Brown
Best New Restaurant- Vivace
Best Mexican-  Frida Bistro
Community service award- Jorge Fierro of Rico
Golden spoon hospitality- Chow Truck, SuAn Chow
Best Best Restaurant in Salt Lake City- Copper Onion
Best Restaurant in Park City- Talisker on Main

And a few quotes from the evening.  “We’re building community one bite at a time” says the Heirloom Group.  “I wake up thinking I hope I can serve someone today. It’s not about us it’s about everyone else,’ says Jorge Fierro of Rico. “We’re embracing classic recipes with local farm food,’ says Sea Salt owners. “The best part is building a team,” says the owner of Finca and Pago.

And a few insider tips from the evening:  Saffron Valley is opening up a location in Salt Lake City soon!  Also, trax just opened up to Provo so you can catch a ride to try out the top restaurant in Southwestern Utah, Pizzeria 712!

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