Eva’s Bakery

Reviewed by Josh

If you’ve ever been to Paris then returned home pining for a neighborhood Boulangerie in Salt Lake, you’re in luck.  Now you can pick up some fresh bread or a sweet pastry on your way home from work at Eva’s new Bakery. Or if you have yet to visit Paris, now you can have a taste of it right here in Salt Lake. This Boulangerie, simply meaning bread store, now graces on Main Street, specializing in fresh breads and European style pastries.  

The only downside to the new Boulangerie is deciding what to try.  A wall lined with fresh baguettes, and a pastry case stacked with fresh eye catching treats, leaves the indecisive in trouble.  Luckily, I came hungry so I had a few treats to share and didn’t have to pick just one.

From the bites we shared, my favorites were the Hazelnut Dacquoise, the Canelé- a small french pastry with a creme brûlée center (pictured above), the Pistachio Macaron, and I can’t forget the Almond Croissant (a staple of every morning Josh and I spent in Paris).  I just love how a bite of something can take you right back in time to a treasured memory.

As for the breads, we sampled a few of these as well.  The one I enjoyed the best was their house round (the one that comes in a unique round ‘floatie’ like shape) which was a wheat bread, perfectly moist with all of the dense, grainy characteristics that you hope for in wheat bread.  I imagine slicing it up for morning toast or dipping it into my favorite soup at home.

The head chef, Charlie Perry, was not only obviously talented but from first meeting you can tell he’s doing what he’s passionate about.  He could spend countless hours talking about different flours used in baking, his favorite pastries and his own experiences in Paris.  His zeal just makes this bakery all that more charming.

Although, I didn’t try a sticky bun, they were definitely calling my name. Just another reason I’ll have to come back to the Boulangerie soon. In addition to pastries for breakfast, they also serve up fritatas, stuffed french toast, and an egg and ham brunch pie. And just as if I need more reasons to return, the Boulangerie also serves up a light lunch with European-style flatbread pizzas, salads, soups, vegan selections, and more. Their baked goat cheese salad served over a baguette, with candied walnuts, arugula and pears, especially sounded delicious.

I have been back since my first visit, actually twice, once for breakfast and one for lunch. I had to try the Creminelli ham, fig and arugula slice and it proved to be just as delightful as it sounds.  I ordered it alongside a side salad,which was in generous proportions, and turned out to make the perfect lunch. So if you’re not a big breakfast or pastry fan, I’d highly recommend their lunch offerings as well!

Here are a few more photos, just because the bakery is so darn cute, I couldn’t stop taking photos…


Eva’s Bakery, The Boulangerie
155 South Main Street
7am-6pm Monday – Saturday
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