Solitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

SLC Mixers: Snow-shoeing Solitude’s Restaurants

Reviewed by Josh

SLC Mixers had the distinct pleasure of hosting 20 people on a hike along the snowshoe trails of Solitude.  Even better, our stops came with food prepared by talented chef Mike Richey.

For you locavores, you’ll be happy to know (if you don’t already) that Solitude is a family owned and operated ski resort “and always will be.”  They even live on site.  I had no idea and was quite impressed at all the family had accomplished in the few decades they’d owned it.

Solitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

As folks worked their way in, they found themselves in the Library Bar for a few beverages and small bites to hold them over for the coming entrees at future destinations.  The Library Bar is right next to St Barnards, which is Solitude’s flagship fine-dining spot.  If you’re going there to eat, show up a few minute early for a cocktail before grabbing your seat.

Solitude Ski Resort_SLC FoodieSolitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

Then we were off to the trails.  We made a quick stop to gear up with the snowshoes provided by Solitude and then off into the darkness we went.

Solitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

The Yurt is a special spot inspired by the nomadic structures of the Mongolians.  Local engineers have modified this one slightly for safety and stability purposes.  I’m thankful for the adjustments.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to dine there, you’ve probably met Jeseth, the great Solitude Yurt staple.  He tells us that “what happens in the yurt stays in the yurt.”  And his parting advice is always to “tell a lot of jokes” (soft “j” – sounds like yokes).

It’s a nice 15-minute hike up the trail and at the end you have an ancient-Mongolia-meets-modern-engineering sort of moment.  Solitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

Executive Chef Mike and his right hand man, Jesus (below)

Solitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

Solitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

Our trek ended at Solitude’s Honeycomb with a lemon tart and/or a slice of decadent chocolate cake.

Solitude Ski Resort_SLC FoodiePlease, if you haven’t been to Solitude for a day of skiing and an evening of dining, do yourself a favor and go.  Mike Richey’s menus are wonderful as you’d expect (especially for those of you who may remember him from his days at Pago).

If you could only do one thing mentioned above, go to the Yurt.  It’s a dining experience that you’ll likely always remember.

Solitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

Special thanks to Elke Opsahl for her wonderful hospitality.  She was very kind to host all of us and show us around Solitude.Solitude Ski Resort_SLC Foodie

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