Wild Alaskan Salmon by Kwee Jack Fish Co

Eat Wild Salmon by Kwee Jack Fish Co.

Reviewed by Becky

I have my very own Wild Alaskan Salmon fisherman. Let me explain… my friend goes fishing on this boat in Alaska with Kwee Jack Fish Company every year and brings back the most delicious salmon that’t ever graced your mouth.  I recently grilled a whole fillet and savored every bite on my plate… hey, it’s not often you get Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon!!  He, along with the other guys who fish on the boat, started a co-op that opens their fish up for sale to the public.

Basically, I’m letting you in on my little secret to eating salmon in Salt Lake City. Through Kwee Jack Fish Company, you basically have your own fisherman who goes to Alaska to fish for salmon for you.  The salmon is frozen, the same day it’s caught, delivering a fresher fish than so-called “fresh-fish” that’s been stored on ice and refrigerated during a long transit. These fish are live caught, rapidly chilled down, flash frozen then vacuum sealed, which surpasses the freshness of a fish that’s never been frozen in most cases (especially if you live here in Salt Lake City).

Once you have your salmon you can cook it in many different ways.  We grilled ours with a few simple ingredients. For the recipe visit theVintageMixer.com.Wild Alaskan Salmon by Kwee Jack Fish Co

Wild Alaskan Salmon by Kwee Jack Fish Co

You can read all about Kwee Jack  Fish Co here on their website:  EatWildSalmon.com. Also, you can contact my fisherman friend, Noah, who lives right here in Salt Lake by visiting the Wild Alaskan Salmon About us page.

If you’re interested in buying some salmon you can purchase it by the box or you can find a few friends and share a box. Here’s more info on pricing for the salmon.

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