Tiffin Bus Indian Food and Epic Beer SLCmixer

Tiffin Bus Indian food and Epic Beer SLCmixer

Reviewed by Becky

We kicked off the fall SLCmixers with beer and Indian food.  A pairing that many are fond of and now I must say that I am a believer of as well. This mixer was our first that felt more like an underground supper club, as we met in an old house in an unsuspecting neighborhood, and gathered around a family dinner table to taste and see the offerings of Tiffin Bus and Epic Beer.

Tiffin Bus Indian Food at SLC Mixer

As the aromas of Indian food filled the neighborhood, a lucky few got to partake in trying five courses of Indian food small plates paired with different Epic brews. As the night unfolded not only were our stomaches pleased but our ears too as we heard the story behind each of Molisa’s inspired Indian Dishes. Molisa Anthoney is creator of Tiffin Bus Indian food, a local Indian food provider that until now has just been a presence at local concerts and farmer’s markets. She first explained to us that Tiffin simply means a light meal in India. Each of her dishes have a story, whether it was influenced by her British grandmother or one she grew up eating, they were all even more enchanting with their tales.

Molisa Anthoney Tiffin Bus Indian Food at SLC Mixer

Molisa and her boyfriend who also helped create a delicious evening.

Here are some of the courses we tasted this evening:

Tiffin Bus Indian Food and Epic Beer SLCmixer

Masala Dosa • Rice and lentil dosa wrap stuffed with masala potatoes served with coconut chutney and coriander seed (also pictured at the top).

Tiffin Bus Indian Food at SLC Mixer

Prawn Fry • Pan seared prawn in a bed of sticky rice and dhal lentils.

Tiffin Bus Indian Food and Epic Beer at SLC Mixer

Minced meat Aloo Tikka Cutlets • Minced lamb meat stuffed in pan fried potatoes cakes.

Tiffin Bus Indian Food and Epic Beer at SLC Mixer

Chicken Biryani Plate • Spices infused chicken and rice served with cucumber yogurt raita and naan roti.

Tiffin Bus Indian Food and Epic Beer at SLC Mixer

After five plates we were all stuffed but everyone left with a Chocolate Cherry Scone for breakfast the nest day  (I just can’t let guests leave empty handed:)).  You can find the recipe for Chocolate Cherry Scones on my recipe blog, The Vintage Mixer.

Molisa hopes to open her own restaurant before the end of the year so stay tuned with Tiffin Bus on Facebook!  Also, you can stop by her tent every other week at the downtown Farmer’s Market. I know she would love to meet you! As for Epic Beer, you know the drill, pick some up at their store on State Street and while you’re they’re you might as well sit for a while and enjoy a sandwich or snack!

Leave a comment with your favorite food pairing for a chance to win a free small plate at the Tiffin Bus tent at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday the 29th. We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday the 26th and send you the details on where to find Tiffin Bus at the market.

Join Tiffin Bus on Facebook or check out the Tiffin Bus Website.

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  1. This looks delicious! I would love this! I don’t know how to pick a favorite food pairing but I do love a baked brie with a nice smoky pinot noir – right now that would be my favorite although my husband’s is spicy wings with a hefeweizen.

  2. This food looks delicious, Indian is our favorite. If I had to pick a favorite pairing it would have to be a baked brie with a smoky pinot noir, although my husband’s is spicy wings and a light hefeweizen.

  3. I think the lamb meat potato cakes above would be awesome with Epic’s wheat beer! And at home, a light red with fish is always my go to – not sure if it’s technically “right” but I enjoy it.

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