Fall SLCmixers Food Events in Salt Lake City

Announcing the Fall SLCmixers Calendar

Reviewed by Becky

We’ve been working hard to round up the best local producers, chefs and restaurants to bring you our fall SLCmixers calendar.  You all responded so well to what we did during the spring and summer that we turned up the volume a bit to bring you more and better SLCmixers.

SLCmixers by SLCfoodie

At SLCmixers.com you’ll find events with High West, Creminelli, Pinon Cafe, Talisker in Roth showroom, La Barba, Rue de Lis and more.  Come join us for any or all of them!  We are now offering a season pass.

Go to SLCmixers.com to register.

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