Zermatt and Z Chop Haus Room Photo

Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah

Reviewed by Becky

You know what’s great about living in the mountains?  Living in the mountains during the off season!  All of the ritzy hotels and resorts have highly discounted rates making for a perfect close-to-home weekend getaway. Last week we slipped away for one night at Zermatt Resort in the quaint Swiss town of Midway. We were spoiled with cheese plates and swimming pools and loved every minute of it.

Zermatt Resort Snack

At Zermatt you also have your choice of restaurants from steak and seafood at Z Chop Haus to Brick Oven Pizza at Matty’s.  And for breakfast there’s even an in-house bakery where guests can try a biscuit sandwich, muffin or pastry while sitting in the cafe or grab a treat to take back to your room.

Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah

The off season, or shoulder season as some might call it, usually starts around the end of August and lasts until the ski resorts open in December. Hotels usually cater to the local crowd at this time offering special packages to lure us away from the big city (like spa packages or horseback riding packages).

Zermatt Resort Bear at Entrance

And the best part about the Zermatt Resort… I could argue that it’s the accordion playing bear out front, and others might argue it’s the goats they have on site, but truthfully its the beautiful mountain setting.  In the fall, colorful mountains surround the resort, calling your name for a good hike or even just a serene picture.  Their beauty is indescribable and something you must not miss this season.

Fall Colors at Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah

Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah

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  1. One of the committees that Rob is on is having a planning retreat at Zermatt later this month and we are all coming along for a little get-away to the mountains. I’m thinking swimming for the little ones, and seeing the goats, and all 5 of us piling into a fancy hotel room. :) You’ll have to tell me if there was anything that seemed especially fun for me to do with the kids while Rob is in meetings.

    • Julia, there is a crater/geothermal spring close by where people can swim and scuba dive. The girls might enjoy that. You can read more about it here: http://zermattresort.com/utah-resort-activities. In Heber there’s the Heber Valley Railroad, which is always super fun (but kind of pricey). There are also charming little book stores and antique shops in Heber and a few in Midway. And if you still have some Texas in you, you could try Dairy Keen (a local version of Dairy Queen) which is in Heber and serves up yummy shakes. Enjoy!!

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