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Tips on Preserving #foodfeed

Reviewed by Becky

Last week’s foodfeed was full of helping information for those thinking of preserving food this season.  We talked about every thing from how to sun dry fruit to preserving homemade sauerkraut. To read the full feed go to #foodfeed on twitter.  Also, join us today as we talk about edible weeds and how to use all of the vegetable, stems and all. Here are a few highlights from last week’s discussion on preserving:Local preserved products:

Laziz Hummus
Amour Spreads
Butcher’s Bunches
Some Guys Special Sauce
Allgood Provisions
Yeehaw Hot Damn Pickles
twitter foodfeed on preserving food

And some recipes for your canning adventures:

Rustic Peach Jam (pictured above) by Vintagemixer
Quick Cucumber Pickles by Lindsey at Cafe Johnsonia
Strawberry Pickled Radishes by Vintagemixer
Canned Blueberries in Vanilla Bean Syrup by Kelley at Mountain Mama Cooks

Here is a whole website dedicated to food in jars. And if you want to learn even more, there is a Master Food Preservers Class offered at UVU.

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