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Eggs in the City

Reviewed by Becky

I couldn’t leave you with just a few sentences from Monday on one of my favorite breakfast spots in town so I thought I would expand a little today on Eggs in the City.  I’ve been visiting Eggs in the City ever since I moved to Utah about 7 years ago.  Its a reliable and comfortable neighborhood cafe for quality diner style breakfast.  I have a girl friend that I meet up with once a month at Eggs in the City. Our consistent breakfast date here has challenged me to try a lot on their menu, though I must say I have a few favorites.

Eggs in the City French Toast

The French Toast at Eggs in the City is classic.  I almost always order it fully loaded with berries, bananas and candied pecans on top.  The added toppings make it a little pricey but every bite is delicious with the caramelized and toasted nuts and the juicy fruit adding a punch to the toast and maple syrup.

My other favorites on their menu include their Huevos Rancheros, which I usually get with egg whites (I’m not a huge egg person in general), and no cheese, making for a lighter plate with beans, pico, avocado and a spicy huevos sauce on top. I also frequently get the Greek Skillet, eggs with spinach, peppers feta and avocado.  Their Goldie Locks is good if you just want something light and cheap (1 egg, avocado or bacon and a pancake or toast for $3.75).   And in the winter, their steel cut oat brûlée always hits the spot.    … I have so many dishes I enjoy here that I can’t believe I’m just now writing this place up!

Eggs in the City breakfast burrito

Their Burrito is not a bad choice as well.  But I’ve never been disappointed with what I order here. Eggs in the City serves up classic diner food at its best with a convivial staff and a great atmosphere including cozy booths and a shaded patio.

Eggs in the City

I leave you with a few tips that I’ve learned after eating here semi regularly for a few years. Go on a weekday or get there early on the weekends to avoid the crowds. If you’re looking for a drink other than just straight up coffee they don’t serve it but they also don’t mind if you bring a latte in with you while you dine.  Check out all of the fun art on the walls and even the quirky egg photos in the bathrooms. And come ready to enjoy a big breakfast!

Eggs in the City
1675 E 1300 S
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