Meltiness for All – Cache Valley Cheese giveaway

Reviewed by Becky

I love grilled cheeses.  Big time.  I’m going to chase the Cache Valley Cheese Melt Mobile down at every stop this weekend in SLC probably.  They’re giving away free grilled cheeses. Get more details at

We’re actually giving away a gift basket of Cache Valley Cheese if you leave a comment about the best grilled cheese you’ve ever had.  The winner will be announced at 3pm today… and the winner is
Crystal Keating! Congratulations

Here’s the schedule –

12 p.m., Dan’s Foothill, 1360 S. Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City
3 p.m. Dick’s Centerville 84 W. Parrish Lane, Centerville
2 p.m. Harmons 7th Street, Midvale
5 p.m. (we start serving after the 4th inning starts) Spring Mobile Park for SLC Bees game
10 a.m. Gardner Village Farmer’s Market, 1100 W. 7800 South, West Jordan
2 p.m. Harmons District, 11453 S. Parkway Plaza, South Jordan
5 p.m. Harmons Brickyard, 3270 S. 1300 East, SLC

Comments (12)

  1. One my husband made for me that had marinated bell peppers on it and Beehive teahive cheese. So good! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. When I was 6 years old, I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. Coming back from 1st Grade in the middle of winter at 2 PM, it was already dark outside and -30 degrees. That’s where my fondest grilled cheese memories began. Nothing warms the belly like hot Campbell’s tomato soup and melted grilled cheese. I would love to check out this food truck so thanks for the heads up!

  3. A really fun grilled cheese experience has been SXSW for the past two years. For some reason I always end up eating a LOT of grilled cheese sandwiches and beer haha. In the Austin convention center is a booth called “The Big Cheese” and most of the time I’m too busy to think about food at SXSW but their double stacker “Big cheese” grilled to buttery perfection always gets me through the day. Across the street a company called GroupMe sets up a booth with FREE grilled cheese sandwiches and beer all day long. It’s a great SXSW survival food!

  4. As a kid I couldn’t use anything but the toaster and microwave so my favorite cheese sandwhich was to toast the bread in the toaster then melt some butter on it. Put a piece of cheddar cheese on it. Put it in the microwave for bout 30 seconds just to soften the cheese and then id eat it. It was my favorite growing up.

  5. When I worked in the Grand Tetons, John (the cook) made the best ones ever! They had pepperjack cheese, green chilies and turkey. Best dang grilled cheese you will ever have! I still make them today!

  6. My favorite grilled cheese moment is when my 4yr. old boy looks at me with his big cheesy smile and says, “Thanks mommy, this is the best sandwich ever!”.

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