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SLC Pop at Caputo’s Giveaway

Reviewed by Becky

A few weeks ago we blogged about the new pop-up restaurant in Salt Lake called SLC Pop.  They’ve got a new menu assembled for this weekend and we’d like to give you a chance to win two free tickets to attend on Saturday, July 21.  A few things you might expect are Faux Scallop, S’mores by the Fire, Painter’s Palatte and the Gutter Float.  I realize that doesn’t make sense unless you attend an SLC Pop event.  Here’s your chance.

To win, leave a comment on this blog telling us your favorite item available at Caputo’s.

Here a few photos fron the last SLC Pop to whet your appetite.

Comments (19)

  1. My favorite item to get at Caputo’s Market is olive oil!!! I love you can sample any olive oil they sell to make sure it has the flavor you want. I never realized the different flavors of olive oil until I discovered Caputo’s Market!!!

  2. I’ve liked you on Facebook and although we love to buy chocolate at Caputo’s, I think my favorite thing there is the Slide Ridge honey wine vinegar.

  3. Pick a favorite? Impossible! But honey balsamic vinegar is a must. Menu item? How about the elusive (Fridays only) eggplant parmesan focaccia sandwich? Mamma mia! Just lock me in the deli’s Cheese Cave and I’ll be happy.

  4. Love Caputo’s selection of chocolate as well as olive oil. However, probably my favorite “item” there are all those fabulous classes they offer.

  5. Everything they sell/make is amazing! The secret winner for me is their chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie.
    Hands down the best cookie in the city!

  6. Caputo’s has so many great options from chocolate, meats, cheese and then most thier sandwiches. These pop up parties and especially at Caputo’s should be epic (and not the beer).

  7. I love everything at Caputo’s notably, chocolate, ravioli, cheeses, dried salami but my little indulgence on my way home from work is a $1 Angel Cloud cookie ~ makes the drive home delightful.

  8. The real question is, what DON’T I like at Caputo’s? I love everything, but if I had to choose I’d definitely say their huge selection of olive oil. It’s so nice to be able to try them all and see which one I’d like to buy! (P.S. I’m not on Facebook so I can’t “like” you, but hopefully I can still enter the giveaway. I do follow you on Twitter, however– @anditraveler) :-)

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