Pig and a Jelly Jar in Salt Lake City with Evan Lewandowski

Breakfast with a Local: Evan Lewandowski at Pig & A Jelly Jar

Reviewed by Becky

Who: Evan Lewandowski.  Sommelier for Pago and Wine entrepreneur in Utah

What he ate:  Chicken and Waffles from Pig & A Jelly Jar, 7:30am

Evan Lewandowski

What’s a typical breakfast for you: ‘I normally don’t eat a lot, maybe just some Wallaby yogurt with fruit, chia seeds and muesli.’

Your dream breakfast: ‘My dream breakfast would be more of a brunch around 11am and would involve bubbles of some sort.’

Why Salt Lake City:  ‘I chose Salt Lake because of the community and the counter culture here.  In hopes of a future vineyard here, this is actually a good spot for wine.  What makes Utah great for skiing and biking also makes it great for wine growing. It’s not Alssass or Argentina but the unusualness of Utah’s climate and landscape is what will make the wine so unique.’

Hometown:  ‘Although I wasn’t born here and didn’t grow up here, Salt Lake City is home’

stay up to date with Evan and his wine wanderings on twitter @EvanLewski.  Also, be keeping a look out for a winery soon and eventually a local vineyard.

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