Black Sheep in Provo

Reviewed by Becky

There’s a restaurant in Provo that just seems out of place, even a little odd, and I mean that in the best sense. Black Sheep is a new restaurant in Provo that’s peculairness lends well to its draw. Josh and I made the trek all the way to Provo just to see what this intriguing new restaurant was all about. Black Sheep, a true family run establishment, gracefully serves up new-fashioned Native American cuisine in a modish atmosphere.

Black Sheep Provo Restaurant

Here’s what I mean by ‘truely family run’ – the owner, Bleu Adams, manages the restaurant, while her mom is in the kitchen making her prized fry bread, brother is the head chef (trained in Italian and French cooking), Dad owns a silversmith shop next door, and several other family members will be seen around the restaurant and kitchen at any given time.

Bleu’s family is from a Navajo reservation in Arizona where she spent much of her years as a teenager. Her hope is to keep her heritage alive by passing on some of her culture’s most delicious foods to Utah, where she now calls home.  She started with a small food cart, all the while dreaming of one day owning a restaurant.  In fact, she saved for six years so that she was able to start this restaurant without even taking out a loan.  Talk about diligence and patience!

Black Sheep Provo Restaurant

Black Sheep Provo Restaurant

The signature dish of Black Sheep, Navajo Tacos, comes heaping with fresh ingredients like spiced pinto beans, tender slow cooked beef, or pork smothered in green chile sauce.  And the traditional fry bread is just as amazing as its hyped up to be.  If you’re not up for tacos there is plenty of other choices on their menu to satisfy from posole to enchiladas, all made in the tradition of the Navajo food culture with a mod twist.

If you talk to anyone who has been to Black Sheep before they’ll all tell you the same thing… you must try their Orange Habanero Creme Brulee, so save room.  They really take this seemingly common French Dessert and turn it up a notch with citrus flavor and a kick of pepper, not too hot to deter the Utah crowds of course. From beginning to end we enjoyed our adventure in Navajo cuisine and I left inspired by Bleu’s tenacity and her delicious tacos.

Black Sheep

19 N University Ave, Provo

Sunday and Monday- CLOSED

Tuesday through Thursday- 11 AM – 9 PM

Friday and Saturday 11 AM – 10 PM

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  1. The Blu burger very well may be the best burger in the state, it is so juicy that have to be careful or it will explode on you.

  2. Becky, It was nice to meet you yesterday at the Chocolot event and then to see each other again at Savor the Summit! I came home and looked up your blog, and enjoyed reading your reviews. I’m especially interested in this new restaurant in Provo. Valerie Phillips

  3. Black Sheep Cafe is an absolute breath of fresh air! We watched them build this beautiful restaurant and the renovation of the space was done by family and friends. Since my husband and I had already started a business doing Native American jewelry in a new way, we completely understood why Bleu and her family wanted to give a new twist to Native American cuisine. You can go to a powwow pretty much anywhere and get the same basic Indian/Navajo taco and see the same assortment of arts and crafts. Black Sheep’s success shows everyone that this is a living, breathing culture and not just something found in the history books and museums. We have fads and trends, too. By the way, the pork chop sandwich is the most heavenly food I’ve ever eaten!

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