Laziz Hummus in Salt Lake City

Currently Craving: Laziz Hummus

Reviewed by Becky

There’s a new hummus out on the SLC market that I’m super pumped about.  Laziz hummus is a traditional Lebanese hummus, which I found to be more smooth and citrus-y than traditional hummus.  A local entrepreneur and health food advocate, Moudi Sbeity, sought to honor his Lebanese roots and and serve the local community by providing this special hummus to the public. He created his brand name from an Arabic word, Laziz,  meaning tasty, enjoyable, pleasant, and all around good. And it is just exactly that.  Also, he gave me some traditional recipes to use the hummus in that I’ll be sharing really soon.

If you’re interested in contributing to Moudi’s vision of providing quality and healthy food to the locals of Salt Lake you can read more about his story and donate online: Laziz on Kickstarter. I’m excited to see where this delicious hummus takes Moudi in his culinary journey!

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  1. They have been at the Downtown Farmers Market on Tuesday’s (maybe on Saturday’s too?)! They totally sold me on it last night… it’s some of the best hummus I’ve tried. It’s delicious with both veggies, crackers and chips.

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