Savor the Summit Park City food event

Savor the Summit 2012

Reviewed by Becky

Summer time in Park City calls for dining alfresco, sipping on sparkling wine, and tasting some of the best offerings that the Park City restaurants have to offer.  One of my favorite food events of the year, Savor the Summit, is in less than two weeks. On June 23th a grand table will stretch all the way down Main Street, adorned with the finest dinnerware and decor from each local restaurant.  Guests choose their favorite local restaurant to buy a ticket from and sit at their table to dine while enjoying the great mountain weather.

Savor the Summit in Park City

People come from all over the country to enjoy this event, so it just makes sense that foodies and wine lovers in Salt Lake would take the short drive to enjoy such a fantastic evening. Last year Josh and I sat at 350 Main’s table and enjoyed several dishes with fresh seafood! This year we’ll be dining at the Deer Valley table, which I know won’t disappoint. For tickets check check out the Savor the Summit website to see which restaurants still have tickets, then contact the restaurant directly for a reservation.

Park City actually has several outstanding summer events that Josh and I love to take advantage of.  Picnicking on the grass at Deer Valley during a Deer Valley Summer Concert, taking the gondola at Deer Valley up to eat at Royal Street Cafe, and taking a scenic drive up through Guardsman Pass, are just a few of our favorite summer adventures in Park City.

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