Patio at Pinon Market and Cafe

Brunch at Piñon Market and Cafe

Reviewed by Becky

Josh and I are on a Tour de Patio of sorts, checking out all of the best patios in Salt Lake that offer brunch. Our latest stop: Piñon Market and Cafe. Now I know the term ‘hidden gem’ is overused but I’m not sure how else to describe Piñon besides that it’s a unique offering, off the beat at path, in a Salt Lake City neighborhood.  Or better yet, I’ll start with a story of why this breakfast and lunch cafe in Salt Lake is in fact a hidden gem.

Pinon Market and Cafe Brunch

I think of my friends Big Al and Wainbow Oliver every time I go to Piñon.  (No, those aren’t their real names but that’s what I like to call them.)  They moved to Salt Lake from Texas and we instantly became friends for the length of time they lived here.  Just weeks before they were getting ready to move back to Texas, they happened upon Pinon Market.  They went and dined on the patio for brunch then cursed at the fact that they had just found this place yet they wouldn’t get to frequent Pinon because they were moving so soon.  Now, every time the Olivers return to their favorite city they go to Piñon and wish they had more time here for more brunches at this cute neighborhood cafe.

When Josh and I heard that the patio at Piñon Cafe was open for the season, we jumped at the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed weekend brunch under the vines.  Wisteria vines cover the patio, creating a cool relief from the hot summer heat. And your pups can enjoy the shade too, because at most tables there are hooks to tie up your dog’s leash.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always relieved when Henry can join us on a little outing.

Pinon Salt Lake City Brunch

Pinon Salt Lake City Brunch

To order at Pinon, you go to the counter where you may choose from their fresh baked goods, including their mega Cinnamon Rolls (only made on the weekends), or you can choose something off their menu.  They have omelets, quiche, granola, breakfast sandwiches and burritos, not to mention a plethora of salads in their deli case.  And you’ll be able to see for yourself that all of their food is fresh with high quality ingredients and a special touch from the sweet owner Victoria.

Pinon Salt Lake City Brunch

Victoria, has owned Pinon Cafe since it opened in 1996 and continues to serve her community by creating tasty, fresh foods and a comfortable a environment in which to enjoy them.  Victoria’s father’s family is from northern Italy, and her Italian heritage is obvious by her style of friendly family-like service in a casual and comfortable environment.  Even after you order at the counter, you don’t need to pay until you leave, but don’t forget (I had a few friends tell them they forgot on one occasion).  Also, feel free to take a pitcher of water outside with you.

And I must say that Victoria serves up the best cinnamon rolls in town, and I don’t exaggerate.  Cinnamon rolls bigger than your fist and cooked perfectly with crisp edges and a gooey center, with just the right amount of icing. And after you share one of those with your table, you really can’t go wrong with ordering anything else on the menu.  We had a delicious goat cheese omelet and a Tostada with black beans, salsa, a fried egg and a scoop of guacamole.  The whole family will find something to love at Pinon, and the cafe patio creates the perfect spot for kids and adults alike.

Pinon Market and Cafe Coffee Cake

Pinon Market and Cafe

2095 East 1300 South

dog friendly

7am- 7pm Mon – Sat

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  1. I love this!!! I was so jealous when you posted a picture from here on Instagram recently… made me drool. And made me miss you guys and our FAVORITE city (it’s true)!

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