Faustina Salt Lake City Brunch

Brunch on the Patio at Faustina

Reviewed by Becky

We found a hip little brunch spot in Salt Lake that I think we’ll be frequenting from now on.  Faustina serves up a delectable brunch under unbrellas and Japanese Maple Trees on their secluded city patio in downtown Salt Lake. Eggs Benedict with local sausage over creamy polenta, thick sliced French Toast with house-made almond butter and roasted grapes, and fresh citrus salad with goat cheese, not to mention a selection of mimosas… are you craving brunch yet?!

Something always stands out when you visit a restaurant for the first time, weather good or bad. At Faustina we were drawn in by the quality of service.  Our waiter not only served us with a candidly friendly personality but she also really just worked her heart out on the patio, talking to her guests and making sure everyone was having a perfect weekend morning. And even the kitchen staff seemed to be having fun, making a contest out of the cappuccinos that Josh and I ordered to see who could make the most perfect foam.

Cappuccino at Faustina

But service aside, the food was darn good.  Every bite delicious. The Texas French Toast, was done up right  (and I can say that since that’s were I’m from), with generously thick slices battered in a vanilla egg mixture then toasted perfectly and topped with almond butter and a garnish of roasted grapes (which I love!!).


Eggs Benedict at Faustina for Brunch

The Eggs Benedict over polenta was a dish that had us talking for days.  We later ran into some friends who were also raving about this dish and how they tried to make it at home the following day and couldn’t get it quite right.  The polenta is served in cake-like rounds, similar to the size and shape of the traditional English Muffin, yet so much better with a grainy texture and a savory flavor. Instead of canadian bacon or ham, the meat of their benedict is sausage, and you can’t really go wrong there.  The benedict is then topped with perfectly poached eggs and creamy hollandaise sauce.

I would recommend getting a half order of French Toast seeing as the full order gives you four ginormous slices.  If it was a perfect world I would get one slice of french toast and a half order of their eggs benedict… but I don’t want to be too picky :) I always want a little mix of sweet and salty but menus never seem to cater to that unless you want a serving size that you can’t possibly imagine eating. Anyone else with me on this?

 We thoroughly enjoyed our brunch on the patio at Faustina and we’re glad to have found this little gem for future lazy weekend mornings this summer!
454 E 300 S
Brunch:  Sat  – Sun 9am-3pm

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