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Brunch at Caffe Niche

Reviewed by Becky

Locals know best that the patio at Caffe Niche is one of the best in Salt Lake to sit down for a weekend brunch.  The setting is just right, with a covered patio enclosed by green planters, taking diners away from the street noise and into an intimate surrounding.  Though I’ve had breakfast at Caffe Niche several times, I had yet to try their weekend brunch until recently. And when we walked in it seemed as if we were stumbling into a neighborhood get-together of sorts, perfect for the cafe’s name meaning a suitable place that somebody can make their own. Many people pulled up chairs and chatted with neighboring tables, as if the whole patio was filled with folks who knew each-other.  Not only did I eat a scrumptious brunch but I also found some friends who lived close by that I was able to catch up with.

We started the meal with an order of fresh fruit some cappuccinos and mixed drinks.

Cafe Niche Brunch

Cafe Niche Cocktail

The fruit and drinks hit the spot, as we had an unseasonably hot spring morning.  Glancing around the patio, people were pushing down their socks and kicking back under the sun, fully enjoying the comfortable patio and the food they were being served. We spotted the manager of Pallet as well as the owner of The Rose Estblishment dining here as well. Ashley from Pallet, raved about the the Kobe Corned Beef Hash, which se said she orders every time and Erica, from The Rose, ordered the the Vegetarian Huevos Rancheros which she also highly recommended.

Chef, Ethan Lappe, couldn’t be more down-to-earth as we chatted about where his favorite places to golf around town are as well as his experience at culinary school.  His menu speaks for itself, delivering enough variety in to satisfy almost anyone yet not being too lengthy as to be serving something he’s not proud of.

We dined with a couple of our best friends and all selected different menu items. After Ethan told us about his Huevos Rancheros with pork chile verde sauce I caved and ordered them, although it was a hard decision after he described the coconut pancakes served with a butter rum sauce (I’m going to have to go back soon for those!).

Cafe Niche Huevos Rancheros

huevos rancheros. Eggs cooked to perfection, served over a crisp corn tortilla and smothered in a sweet pork chile verde sauce that added just the right amount of flavor and spice to the dish.

Cafe Niche Steak and Eggs

steak and eggs with hanger steak and Tifie ranch fresh eggs.  Again the eggs were cooked perfectly as was the steak in this dish.  Josh ordered this but I admit to stealing several bites of his hanger steak (my absolute favorite cut of steak).

Cafe Niche breakfast burrito

breakfast burrito smothered in chile verde. Potatoes, cheese, pico de gallo, and scrambled Tifie Farm eggs, wrapped in a flour tortilla and covered in Ethan’s signature Chile Verde sauce plus some bonus cheese on top.

None of us left even a bite on our plates but best of all we enjoyed the cool spring air and the comfort of eating in our neighborhood. Over the course of this month I’ll be patio dining for brunch at several locations so stay tuned for more patio dining around Salt Lake.

Caffe Niche

brunch: Sat & Sun 9am-2pm

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  1. Is there anything better than brunch with your favorite people? I think not! This looks wonderful and worth the drive from Utah County! Hello chile verde!

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