Pallet Salt Lake Restaurant

Pallet in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky

There’s a new restaurant that I’ve mentioned a few times but I must tell you more about it.  Pallet sits on the fringes of downtown in a renovated old warehouse space and serves up modern American cuisine. This Salt Lake City restaurant stands out to me in one area.. atmosphere.  And I’m a sucker for a restaurant with good atmosphere.  Pallet just does it right with designer lighting, interesting art on the walls, a mix match assortment of vintage pitchers for water, long dark stained wood tables, comfy private booths, and an old-world style bar.

Pallet Salt Lake City Restaurant

check out this article for info on one of the paintings chosen for Pallet.

Pallet Salt Lake

I’ve only visited Pallet once thus far and it was a meager effort in trying their cuisine since I went in for lunch and only dined with one friend, but it was still worth a write up.  I ordered the spinach and salmon salad served with a grapefruit vinaigrette.  The salmon was perfectly blackened and spicy on the outside and still tender on the inside. The salad was simple with a touches of fruit. My lunch date, Carol, ordered the tuna sandwich, which was kind of ordinary but her truffle fries were pretty tasty… I admit to sneaking a few from her plate.

Pallet Truffle Fries

Pallet Salt Lake City Restaurant

Mostly, I was underwhelmed by their food but I need to taste more for a just review.  Here are some more photos as well as highlights of what others are saying online about Pallet from Urbanspoon and a few other online sources:

Pallet Salt Lake

“SLC has been dying for more of this type of restaurant. It has the feel of a Portland eatery. Warm, cozy decor and every detail is well thought out right down to the old fashioned Borax dispenser in the bathroom.”

“For lunch the grilled cheese is insanely good. It’s not your typical greasy cheese-heavy sandwich, it’s light and delicious with arugula and pear.”

“We had the venison with an INCREDIBLE risotto, the short ribs melt in your mouth with a perfect balsamic glaze, the scallops cooked to perfection with a decadent cauliflower puree. My dish was, in my opinion, the best of them all. The mushroom ravioli was to die for. The sauce was creamy but not too rich, with a lovely hint of truffle. We will be back again. And again.”

“Mojitos in mason jars, fine wines served alongside PBR tallboys wrapped in the requisite brown bag, and enough mustache wax to waterproof the Santa Maria….We had a great meal at Pallet.  It stands out because they are doing creative things at reasonable prices and seem to not take themselves too seriously – a rare mix in the SLC.  Pallet has room to grow on the execution front, but we will likely add it to our regular rotation and give it a thumbs up. ” – from Wasatch Food Review

Pallet Salt Lake City Restaurant

“The owner, the staff, the look of the restaurant, the location and the vibe of the place. Food-wise I enjoyed how there was a story behind some of the dishes (salmon all the way from Scotland) and the fresh in-season combinations. I was very impressed with the food, goat cheese mousse under a bed of beets, perfect alioi with the fries, scallops seared to perfection, delightful.” – from Sassy Scoops

“Recently opened Pallet is already creating a buzz with its warm oatmeal shortcake dessert. Pastry chef Jeffrey Stone sandwiches a housemade salted caramel-walnut filling and ganache between oatmeal-walnut shortbread for a seriously scrumptious dessert. Scratch vanilla bean ice cream and a schmear of warm chocolate ganache complete the dish.” – from the Salt Lake Tribune

If you’ve tried it for yourself, let me know what you think!  Also, what should I try when I go back there for dinner??!

Pallet Restaurant in Salt Lake City


237 S 400 E

lunch 11am-3pm, dinner 5-10pm

online reservations for Pallet
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